Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem
CDs available!

Arts Council of Tamworth's 50th Anniversary BBQ and concert with Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem last night was the stuff dreams are made of.  Delicious food, fabulous company, a beautiful New Hampshire summer night, and of course... the energetic, soulful sounds of longtime favorite musicians, Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem.

If you missed them last night (or if you left The Preserve without purchasing a CD), don't despair.  We still have a box on hand.  RAdm donated the proceeds of sales last night to Arts Council of Tamworth and they have agreed to do so with this collection, too.

Paypal us $12.00 per CD, or mail a check to Arts Council of Tamworth, PO Box 1, Tamworth, NH 03886 and specify which CD you would like, include your mailing address, and we will gladly send you the CD(s) of your choice with free shipping in the continental US.  Thank you so much for your support.  We had so much fun celebrating our 50th with you this year, and especially last night under the crescent moon at The Preserve.


Violets are Blue

Violets Are Blue is an album of love songs from the kaleidoscopic perspective of midlife. It’s hopeful, truth-telling and wry, with a wide sonic palette and guest appearances from friends old and new. 


Some Bright Morning

Recorded almost completely live, this one is an agnostic gospel revival, full of singing, dancing, and quietly wondering songs that ask big questions and celebrate the human spirit.


Ranky Tanky

We had never been so unpremeditated, live, creative and playful in the studio. A 100% parent band, we hoped to make a family album that wouldn’t elicit curses (from parents) after endless replays.