Arts Council of Tamworth Sound System Rental Policy

Arts Council of Tamworth’s sound equipment and sound technician are available for use by Tamworth nonprofits subject to availability, and by other entities subject to board approval and availability. Our sound equipment can support everything from a single speaker to a full-size band with a horn section. The equipment and the sound technician are a package. Your total cost includes both the sound technician fee and the equipment rental fee. Please submit your request a minimum of one month in advance.

Equipment use:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Tamworth Foundation generously provided the funds to purchase this equipment. With that in mind, we strive to make the equipment accessible to all Tamworth nonprofits; to that end, we have a suggested donation amount for Tamworth nonprofits rather than a rental rate. We recognize that not all events generate a lot of income and that all our town’s nonprofits need all the money they can raise, but a donation in proportion to the event’s financial success will be a big help to us in covering the expenses involved in maintaining, repairing, and insuring the sound equipment so it can be used for years to come.

Fee schedule:

Sound technician (required for every use of the system): $200/event for local nonprofits; current market rates for other entities.

Tamworth nonprofits: Sound tech fee: $200. We suggest a donation of $100 to support maintenance and insuring of the equipment.

Other nonprofits: $400 ($200 technician fee; $200 equipment rental)

Tamworth businesses: $200 equipment rental + sound technician fee (call or email for quote)

Other businesses: $350 equipment rental + sound technician fee (call or email for quote)

Photo: Arts Council of Tamworth sound tech Dennis Quinn on the job; photo by Duane Dale.