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Antonio Rocha Performs Live at K.A. Brett School

Antonio Rocha (pronounced “Haw-sha”) tells dynamic, atmospheric stories using an elegant mixture of acting, mime and voice. He transports his audience to another time and place using nothing more than his body and his voice. Don’t miss this riveting, one-man show live at K.A. Brett School! Rocha’s performance on Friday evening is a Choose-Your-Own Ticket Price event, $5 to $30 for adults, ($0-5 for children). Get your tickets here!  Ticket sales help support free arts workshops and diverse performances in the school and community.

All are welcome!

“If you want to make one cultural choice in the month of November that will expand your idea of what humans can do to entertain each other, this is what you're looking for!” says Andy Davis, a local storyteller and member of the Arts Council of Tamworth board. “Antonio inspires us to live in our bodies more fully. He is fantastically talented, at the top of his craft.”

Storyteller Simon Brooks says, “Watching Antonio perform draws you in deeply with movements akin to water being poured into different shapes invisibly waiting to be filled. It is the best kind of magic.

Arts Tamworth is grateful to our sponsors: The Other StoreRemick Country Doctor Museum & FarmClub MotorsportsEmerald Tree Experts and Settlers Green. Antonio Rocha’s residency is funded in part by the New England States Touring program of the New England Foundation for the Arts, and with support from the K. A. Brett School, the Tamworth PTA and a grant from Tamworth Foundation.

Antonio Rocha, a native of Brazil, began his career in the performing arts in 1985. In 1988 he received a Partners of the Americas grant to come to the USA to perform and deepen his mime skills with Mime Master Tony Montanaro. Since then he has earned a Summa Cum Laude Theater BA from USM (University of Southern Maine) and studied with Master Marcel Marceau. Mr. Rocha’s unique solo shows of stories and mime have been performed from Singapore to Hawaii and many places in between. Some of the venues include The Singapore Festival of the Arts, Wolf Trap, The National Storytelling Festival, The Kennedy Center, The Smithsonian Institution, The National Geographic, The Tales of Graz in Austria, Dunya Festival in Holland as well as many other Storytelling Festivals and educational institutions around the USA.