Karim Nagi artist residency

The lovely, generous, funny and multitalented Egyptian musician, dancer and teacher Karim Nagi will join us in Tamworth for four days, working with Brett students each day and with the community in the afternoon and evening. Stay tuned for information about a teacher workshop, a community workshop, and an exciting final Choose Your Own Ticket Price performance on Friday, May 26, 7:30 PM at The Barnstormers Theatre. 

This is an Artist Profile produced by Ted Sikora. It is a candid documentary, interview and demonstration by Arab-American artist Karim Nagi. He is a native of Egypt who tours internationally, performing and teaching Arab music and dance.
song title: "everybody yalla" performer and producer: karim nagi video: richie vicencio for ink stories www.karimnagi.com www.turbotabla.com
Arabiqa by Karim Nagi http://www.karimnagi.com/arabiqa Arab Music, Dance & Culture for Schools Self-Made Documentary and Interview by Mike Handverger contact Karim Nagi @ www.karimnagi.com