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Snap! | A Storytelling Performance by Regi Carpenter

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Eastern Slope
Regi Carpenter performs Snap!
the true story of a sixteen-year-old girl’s descent into mental illness, her commitment to a state mental hospital and her journey back to reality and freedom. The performance is appropriate for teens and adults.  New Hampshire storytellers Andy Davis and Pat Spalding open the show.

Choose Your Own Ticket Price

Tickets available here and at the door.
Choose Your Own Ticket Price
$5 to $30 for adults, $0 to $5 for youth to age  18.
Ticket revenues help support free workshops and performances in school and our community—please invite your friends!

Arts Council of Tamworth welcomes celebrated author and award-winning performer Regi Carpenter, one of this generation’s finest storytellers, with a gift for bringing out the storyteller in others. She has presented her solo shows and workshops in theaters, festivals and schools, nationally and internationally.

Regi Carpenter has an innate ability and a carefully crafted skill for illuminating the simplest and sweetest moments and the most terrifying, heart-warming, and commonplace dynamics of American family life. Many of Carpenter’s stories are drawn from her life as the youngest daughter in a family that pulsates with contradictions: religious and raucous, tender but terrible, unfortunate yet irrepressible. Her stories celebrate the glorious and gut–wrenching lives of four generations of Carpenters raised on the Saint Lawrence River in Clayton, New York.

In addition to the community storytelling workshop and performance of Snap!, Carpenter will share storytelling with students at the K.A. Brett School during the week and participate in the Sunday service at UUFES on January 13.

Arts Council of Tamworth is supported in part by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts & the National Endowment for the Arts.